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Help Your Dog Feel Safe And Happy. Make Your Life Easier

When your dog is unhappy, anxious, destructive, or just full of unwanted noise, it can make life pretty tough for you and your family.

We all love our furry friends but dealing with behavioural issues can be a nightmare without expert help.

I’m passionate about helping these tricky dogs become happier pets, content in their homes and well trained for their own benefit and of course for their owners.

With over 20 years of hands-on experience communicating with, training, and socialising ‘man’s best friend’, I’m the experienced expert who can help your dog find contentment and become a much-loved member of your family. 

Book your free 30-minute discovery Zoom call today to hear how I can help. 


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You’ve seen me on TV, heard me on the radio and read my articles, but the best endorsements are always from real customers.

"I cannot recommend Kelly highly enough. Kelly has helped us with our gorgeous high energy puppy on numerous occasions and most recently helped us get our sleep back after months of Molly being unable to settle all night. Molly is so much happier and has settled into a great routine, sleeps happily & needless to say that we too are much happier! We love how simple and kind all of Kelly’s methods are - you can see that she really cares understands canine behaviour."
Molly's mum
"Kelly saved my puppies life! I picked up our Theo from the breeder the week before lockdown. He was dynamite! A session 2 weeks later with Kelly saved, our sanity, & Theo from being abandoned. Within a couple of days, by following Kelly’s fantastic suggestions, we no longer had puddles everywhere & now have a really well toilet-trained puppy & dry floors. Theo & I can’t thank Kelly enough."
Theo's mum