Hey, I'm Kelly

With over 20 years of hands-on experience communicating with, training, and socialising our family dogs, I’ve always been passionate about taking on tricky dogs and helping them become happier and well-trained (for your benefit too!). I am the expert to help you and your dog, I can help solve your dogs behaviour issues but I also fully understand their health requirements which can effect your dogs behaviour.

On a weekly basis I work alongside the team at the Auckland SPCA as their canine behaviourist.

I am a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer and it is great to be able to help dogs not just here in New Zealand but also globally to overcome Separation Anxiety.

I’ve completed the acclaimed Delta Training Course in Australia, I’m accredited as an animal trainer and  also a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants.

I spend most of my time helping dogs with separation anxiety, phobias and fear issues, barking complaints, destructive behaviour, and puppy training issues. I see things as a jigsaw – I’m trying to help put the pieces together for the family as well as the dog.

I strongly believe that a science-based approach is the best way to get the best out of our beloved canines, so I’ve developed and explored countless methods of training techniques for dogs and other animals. These have given me the ability to create structure and positive behavioural environments for dogs – things that are vital to help them feel happy and loved and their owners get some peace of mind.

In the past I had the pleasure of sharing my experience and knowledge on the TV show The Café on THREE, while helping hundreds of families worried about their dog. For me, it’s all about making the process easy and enjoyable for you and for the furriest member of your family.

Are you wanting a well trained dog that feels safe and happy (and doing what it’s supposed to)? Get in touch today – I’d love to chat.

Kelly McFarlane

Certified Trainer