Dogs and Separation Anxiety

How to help your dog feel happy and safe when home alone.

Are you getting noise complaints from your neighbours when your dog stays home alone?

Does your dog leave ‘puddles’ (or worse) for you to clean up when you get home?

Are you at your wit’s end by how much of your home has been nibbled by your furry friend?

If this sounds familiar, your dog could be suffering from separation anxiety, the very real fear of being left alone.

How does Separation Anxiety affect my dog? 

When your dog fears being left alone this fear becomes a daily occurrence and continually escalates. These fears then develop into nuisance behaviours like constant barking, toilet issues and general destruction.

However, you don’t have to deal with these fears alone. I’m a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer and I can help your dog learn to relax and happily spend time home alone without driving the neighbours nuts or tearing you home apart!

How to treat dogs with Separation Anxiety 

In the first instance, the key to helping your dog overcome separation anxiety is to minimise their time spent alone. Wherever possible find a way to limit these alone periods to lengths of time they are comfortable with to minimise the mess and destruction.

Meanwhile, I’ll create a personalised training plan designed to specifically help your pooch. This plan will be updated weekly based on your feedback and results.

Every week we’ll come together via live video assessment so I can see how your dog is progressing and we’ll adjust the plan to suit.

Separation anxiety is very treatable in dogs with the right techniques and patience. Successful treatment requires commitment and consistency from you, the dog owner. However, you won’t be alone, I’ll be on hand to offer expert guidance and support every step of the way.

Why is the Separation Anxiety training program online?

The best results will come about when your dog’s daily routine is uninterrupted by the intrusion of a trainer (me!). 

We’ll connect via live video sessions on Zoom where I can get a clear picture of your dog’s true behaviour and can then treat and advise accordingly. 

How do you know if Separation Anxiety training is right for you and your dog?

Contact me to book a free, no-obligation 30-minute zoom call.

We’ll schedule a 30-minute chat at a time that suits to discuss your dog and their separation anxiety issues to establish whether this program is a good fit for you both.

Following our Zoom call, you then decide if you’re ready and able to commit to the 8-week training programme to help your dog overcome its separation anxiety.

All our programmes are tailor-made to suit your dog, family and lifestyle.

What’s included in the tailor-made Separation Anxiety Packages?

  • An initial 60-minute live video assessment to gather information and insight about your dog’s behaviour.
  • One hour consultation to set up confidence-building exercises and evaluate your dog’s daily routine.
  • Follow up phone call.
  • Follow up consultation to evaluate progress and to establish a desensitisation plan.
  • 20 personalised training plans for your dog over 4 weeks to kick start the training (5 plans per week).
  • 4 weekly live video assessments of a real-time training plan.
  • Ongoing email support.

The tailor-made separation anxiety 8-week packages provide hours of specialised trainer support and guidance to help you and your dog move towards a happier life together (and apart!). 


"Kelly has been incredibly professional and has helped us understand our dog a lot more. We have improved our relationship with him as a result and we would highly recommend the use of her services."